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Felix’s Story

Portrait of Felix Woudenberg, cropped headshot, tree in the background

During his latter years, Felix Gerardus Woudenberg has made quite a name for himself throughout his optimism, his wisdom, his astonishing wit, and determination.

You might have met him at one of the hundreds of political meetings he has attended, one of the dozens of demonstrations he has invigorated, many of the dance floors he has enjoyed, or the media appearances he has made.

Felix (being a vocal advocate for human rights and climate justice) is capable of elucidating a coherent Left-wing Libertarian vision. While his political proficiency has been forged throughout countless public and closed-door meetings at various prestigious institutions. He has ingrained himself in a chasm between (national) politics, diplomacy, and activism.

For those who are willing to listen, Felix is capable of sharing many of his extraordinary experiences and uncommon insights.

Felix Woudenberg holding a Microphone, grey-scale image

More recently Felix Woudenberg has started with the creation of political oriented multi-media productions, as his past experiences have established an admirable framework, which he is capable of utilising for such an endeavour.

Having a background in the online-entertainment industry, Felix live-streamed video gaming sessions to Twitch.tv reaching up to 5000 concurrent/live viewers. In addition he managed a cracked Minecraft server, facilitating a database of more then 128.000 registered users, leading to an exceptional ICT track-record before turning to the age of 20.

Felix Woudenberg Ruffled Hair Portrait